Today’s kitchen mission: green walnutsI am the lucky owner of two walnut trees, and these unripe, soft green walnuts can be used to make wonderful pickles, vinegar, preserves and liqueur. Apparently they are eagerly awaited in the markets of Paris and command very high prices during their short season. With luck some of these products will be ready for our Christmas Market in December.

The tricky part is to remember to pick them at exactly the right stage, as they go hard very quickly once they are formed.  Another tricky bit involves the fact that the trees are very high…

As a child one of my favourite fairy tales was about the princess who had to weave in silence to turn her brothers from swans back into princes. The wicked stepmother dyed her skin brown with walnut juice before casting her out of the palace. This detail fascinated me as a child and I can now at last vouch that you should definitely wear plastic gloves when handling green walnuts! They oxidise and turn black when pickled as well.Nevertheless they are very pleasant and fragrant to work with and I can’t wait to post (and taste) the results.